Peapod & Barilla easy cooking kits

Revolutionary discovery for busy mommies!

Online grocery shopping and delivery service PeaPod and Barilla launched Meal kits!

Before you ask. Yes! They are NOT gluten free. Well, I’m sorry. I grew up in Italy, I can’t just stop loving pasta! And besides, it doesn’t really affect my size ;)

As for kids, should I mention that they love pasta? Especially mac&cheese!

Though Peapod and Barilla collaboration don’t offer a simple mac&cheese, they do offer delicious and exquisite and fast recipes.

The first meal I tried was “Farfalle with Butternut Squash” cooked by incredible Chef Lorenzo Boni.


They were amazing! Flawlessly creamy, tender and savory.


But, let’s face the truth – I’m not a Chef. I’m a busy buy xanax china city mom. Thus, I decided to give it a try on my own. As “Farfalle with Butternut Squash” were obviously out of stock, I got “Tortellini Soup”.


Here’s what I got!

Carrots and onions were precooked already. Mushrooms sliced and spinach washed. Though, it wasn’t the same chicken broth, that was on the picture (that one was organic), it was good.

After 4 easy steps and 15 minutes I had a fairly good and eatable soup. Everything was fresh and delicious.


My hubby loved it!

I’ll definitely try Farfalle! I just need to see if I’m that good as the Chef Lorenzo.

Mommies! These meal kits are made to make our life better!



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