NYC’s best place to feed your kids

You know, how we are obsessed with healthy living and healthy food, right?

You see, being a conscious mother in New York is like trying to buy something on black friday at Sacks Fifth Avenue. Painful, traumatic, exhausting, yet might be rewarding. Might be!

Well, with the right advices, sneaky tips and experienced friends (like us) – you will definitely succeed.

In between school, music class and swimming, you still need to fit in the lunch somewhere. And it has to be organic and it better be quick. Any ideas?

If you are not one of those perfect moms, who manage to be kitchen goddesses while they have a full time job, 3 kids and run a charitable foundation. We have good news for you, mommy!

Fresh&co is my personal saver. 14 locations all over Manhattan. They are almost in every corner!

NYC's best place to feed your kids

Really local and organic products. Vegetables harvested from organic and sustainable farms in the hudson valley, long island and new jersey. Hormone free, vegetarian fed poultry and meats from Plainville farms and FreeBird. Gluten free and vegan options available as well. I can go on and on about the menu, but it is so huge I didn’t even read it all yet.

NYC's best place to feed your kids NYC's best place to feed your kids NYC's best place to feed your kids NYC's best place to feed your kids

I just have to mention, that they have flawlessly magical heathy raw vegan (damn, they are good) desserts. Sweetened by agave syrup, handmade with lots of love, they are heavenly tasty!

My personal favorite is passion fruit chia seed pudding! I can’t even explain you how good it is. You know well, MadMama is a real foodie. I always try to make every recipe even better, to improve something. But here, there is nothing to add. It’s perfectly delicious.


Everything is fresh and fast! This is every mom’s dream place. No more worries. You don’t have to stroll local shops finding organic and fresh veggies anymore. Everything organic and fresh has been already mindfully selected and carefully cooked in order to make your day nutritious and easy! Don’t have time for preparing lunch boxes for your kids? Not a problem! Get them delivered!

We were curious why this place is so nice!

Thus, we decided to meet with the CEO and Co Founder of Fresh&co, George and charm out all the secrets!

NYC's best place to feed your kids

And the answer is plain and simple. They are passionate about healthy lifestyle, food and cooking! They try to stay real, communicate with costumers, find out they needs. 

You can meet George in one of the Fresh&co locations just like this, packing your salad to go.

Want to check it?

Come and check us cooking one of the specialties this upcoming Monday, December 21st at 3pm at their new location on 8th and Mercer. Or just connect to our channel on Periscope.

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