Meatballs recipe, that will knock your kids out

Meatballs recipe, that will knock your kids out

How to make your kids eat healthy?

Now that is the question, that bothers a lot of parents. MadMamaNYC hears your prayers, moms!

We are starting to publish some of the healthiest recipes, that every kid will love.

Today’s specials are:

Homemade meatballs.

These tiny little things are unbelievably tender and savory. Infused with coconut milk, they have a bit of sweetness, though you can’t feel the taste of coconut. Perfect combination of sour tomato and sweet coconut is just heavenly amazing!


– 1 lb ground chicken
– onion
– steamed rice
– 1 egg
– 1 big tomato
– 2 cups coconut milk
– salt & pepper

You will also need a big ceramic or cast iron baking dish.

This dish perfectly matches with rice or can be topped with sour cream.


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