Mean girl VS cutie pie. What type are you?

Most of us tend to believe, that there are only two types of girls. Biatches Mean girls and cutiepies. It all started in high school.

Do you remember those mean kind of girls? They were rich, stylish, beautiful and extremely cruel. They had everyone everything.

Mean girl VS cutie pie. What type are you?

And there were those smily princesses. They were super friendly, their smile could warm even the heart of the Iceman. They also got everything, just the other way.

Mean girl VS cutie pie. What type are you?

Oh yes, and there were others… us. Most of us wanted to rule the world with the biatches.

But we were afraid to disappoint our cute moms. Other girls were afraid that they are not pretty enough to be a smily princess…

Anyway, now we are all grown up… We are not afraid of our moms anymore. Want to guess which type I am now?

And those other girls finally got to do all the rhinoplasty, lypo and boobjobs. Or simply started to buy their own clothes. And became extremely cute. It’s kind of hard to be cute or cool when you are wearing an outfit from Sears.

Mean girl VS cutie pie. What type are you?

So, since this is all actually truth. And there is only 2 type of girls.

I have a really important question!

Can we change?

I’ve always admired those sweet and polite friends of mine. I always wanted to be that good, that sunny. I always wanted to have that glow of love all around me.

Yeah, well, I haven’t succeed yet.

Have any of you?

And please, just don’t try to prove me you are something in between. Because deep deep inside you really know what type are you.

You do.


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