Make a difference! Transform lives!

What can be better than laughter?

Kids running around, playing, laughing. Why is it, that kid’s laughter fills us with instant joy?

Is it about their light-hearted mids? Their careless future? Their endless opportunities?

In our society childhood just corresponds with happiness.

But there is another type of childhood. There are kids, who’s babyhood is slightly different. A little bit more complicated.

Children with birth deformities.


The Little Baby Face Foundation is a little crowd of big hearted people. Who decided to dedicate their time to help children with birth deformities and their families that are without resources by providing them with the life changing restorative treatments and surgeries free of cost.



After all, as ― Winston S. Churchill said:

 We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

Thus, let’s make a life! Let’s make a happy life! 



Main photo credit Gabby Orcutt

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