Lowest prices on farm fresh products in NYC

Remember we promised you to take a closer look at OurHarvest farm to tablet delivery service with the lowest prices on farm fresh products in NYC?

Here we go.

Meet Mike and Scott, the organizers of this incredible business and their dads. They are all so gorgeous, that we decided you would want to see them 🙂


A photo posted by OurHarvest (@ourharvest) on

A photo posted by OurHarvest (@ourharvest) on

So what exactly is OurHarvest?

Basically it is a fresh farmer’s market, that delivers farm to table products right to your door or to the local pickup location. Sounds like we have heard it before? But, don’t jump to conclusions! They are compete innovators. They carry smaller farm’s produce and work with small artisanal kitchens, which allows them to provide their buyers with exclusive products and exquisite prices. As well as help farmers and small business to flourish and expand. So it’s not just about making money on retail. It is about creating a community.

By promoting healthy lifestyle they conquered various partners. Like Equinox. So you can pick up your order directly at your gym. Isn’t it awesome?

Social mission!

Also OurHarvest reinvented charity. For every order above $25, they donate a meal to a local food pantry in or near your neighborhood. Doesn’t sound that new, right? But the way they made it real – is new. They are waste free. Meaning, when they sell meat, they actually don’t buy it pre packed. They buy the whole animal, carve it and pack it themselves. And everything that is usually wasted goes to charity as well. People in need get the same quality products! Now this brings charity and community building for a whole new level!

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Let us start with the prices.

Why? Because this was the reason why we actually decided to feature the guys.

Organic Scottish Salmon $12.99 lb

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Comparing to say the Whole Foods (sorry, guys, nothing personal):

Wild Fresh Salmon Coho Fillet $16.99 lb

And you don’t actually know how long it has been waiting for you there, in the shop.

OurHarvest collects all the produce the same day they deliver it to you.

How about some tuna?

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Comparing to FreshDirect (once again, sorry)

Local Wild Yellowfin Tuna Steak $23.99 lb

We can go on and on like this, but why don’t you click to the website and check it out yourself.

Thus, we met the guys and they kindly answered all of our cruel questions.

Michael laughs. It’s easy:

The way most grocery stores work is: they buy from somebody, who buys from somebody, who buys from the farm. The farmer might be three or four steps away from the customer. And for us, there is no one in-between us. So there is only the farm and you!

Scott adds:

We have also cut out the physical infrastructure of stores. Electricity, insurance, employees, rent.

It seems simple. But unlike many other businesses, OurHarvest decided to invest more in our New York community, rather than just getting a full benefit from their business. And in our opinion this deserves our support.

Thank you, guys!

Let’s hope that businesses like this will grow, expand and multiply! Promoting healthy lifestyle and attitude!

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Eat fresh! Be kind! Buy from OurHarvest!

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