Lemon macadamia cream

Lemon macadamia cream.

Since summer in New York is an AC season, colds are inevitable. That’s why it’s great to have an over the counter preventive remedy. Plus if it’s yummy and easy to cook – it’s a catch!

I’ve already posted a winter variant of this cream. Which is more rich and heavy. This one is lighter. It can be used as a spread or jam or eve frozen to make incredible lemon macadamia popsicles.


– 2 whole lemons

– 1 cup macadamia nuts

– 1/2 cup honey

– 1/4 cup lemon juice

– 1 oz peeled ginger


Combine all ingredients in blender. Until creamy and very smooth. Vitamix does the job perfectly good. But if you are using regular blender, just blend it for 5-10 extra minutes.

For popsicles:

Add 1/2 cup coconut milk or 1 banana. Just one more tip. To add a little hint of freshness add some mint.

And enjoy!

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