Last minute sweet valentines recipe!

St. Valentines day is a very very very strange day to celebrate.

You probably heard all that story about tortured Priest and blah blah blah.

Though, it is still very romantic. And at least once a year you can try to do something special for the person you love.

And of course, when you become parents, you don’t really have time for all that stuff. No romantic dinners, no candles (it even sounds kind of dangerous), no time for make up (we already talked about 2 min make up)

But wait a minute!

You still can do something that would suit the situation and be fun.

Here we go.

The recipe of last minute sweet valentines

Kids love not only eating this cute cupcakes, but to help cooking them as well! )


For the batter you will need:

1 1/8 cup rice flour

– ½ cup coconut sugar

– 4 eggs

– 1/3 cup coconut butter

1/3 cup plain yogurt

– 1 tea spoon baking soda

– few drops of natural vanilla extract

For the frosting:

– 1 cup plain yogurt (room temperature)

– ¼ cup coconut butter

Step #1

Beat eggs and sugar in the mixer until white. It’s not really going to be white white, because of coconut sugar.

Step #2

Mix yogurt with baking soda. (Kids love doing it)

Step #3

Add coconut butter, yogurt and, rice flour and vanilla and mix together.

Step #4

Pour batter into mini muffins baking pan (cover at least 1/3).

Step #5

Bake on 350 F for 10 minutes max.

Step #6

Beat Yogurt and coconut butter in mixer until smooth. Let sit in the fridge while cupcakes will cool down.

Step #7

Decorate with kids)

Have fun!

P.S. This frosting goes well with any cupcake recipe.


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