How to be a happy mom

We all know how stressful and exhausting parenting can be. Some mommies are used to constantly fight with depression and fatigue.

But there are a few tips, that will help you to feel happier.

Though, you have to remember, that there is no particular remedy, that will immediately free you from depression or fatigue. But if you’ll be following these easy tips constantly, you’ll feel significant relief.

So, let’s go!


Tip #1.


Find some time for your self. 

Some of us need just couple of hours of calm sleep. Others – manicure or coffee with a friend.

I prefer to go running or to the gym. Alone. Just me, my workout and music.

Some moms need their personal time every day, some once a week. It’s for you to decide when, how much and how often. But be consistent. Once you established your own schedule, don’t skip your personal hours.


Tip #2.


Don’t try to force your baby to be happy.

Let’s picture the situation: your baby peacefully playing in the sand. But you are absolutely buy gador xanax sure, that he’s going to be happy playing on the grass. So you interrupt his interaction with sand and put him on the grass. Baby is disappointed. You are disappointed. Why don’t let him be happy with what he is doing? Try this, observe. If you see him enjoying – leave him enjoying.


Tip #3.


Stop trying to fight the mess.

Your home doesn’t look like a picture from a glance magazine? Well, I have some news for you – those homes from those pictures, don’t look that clean in actual life too.


Tip #4.


You are not a supermom.

Face it, embrace it. It’s ok to be late. It’s ok to order pizza from time to time. It’s ok to forget to do laundry. It’s OK!


Tip #5.


Break the rules!

One of the best things about the rules – is breaking the rules. Pick up your child earlier from school and go have some ice-cream together.


P.S. And of course some wine will never hurt )


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