Healthy delight

This recipe is not really lazy.

But it’s worth your time.

It’s called Pastila and it’s a healthy delight from my childhood.

You will need:

– 4 lb. apples

– plenty of patience

Step #1. Cut the apples. Take the seeds out. Don’t peel the apples! We need pectin in order to make our Pastila more jelly.  

Step #2. Place them into a big pan (preferably cast iron), cook untill soft

Step #3. Let the apples cool and puree them in food processor

Step #4. Pour puree into the pan again and cook on low heat for 20 min

Step #5. Put a baking parchment on the oven-tray. Spread a thick layer (aprox. 2 fingers)

Step #6. Bake on 150F with slightly opened door untill dry.

Step#7. When it’s ready, turn it over and place damp cloth on the parchment for few min. Take parchment off.

How to check if its dry? Easy. Touch Pastila in the middle, if it doesn’t stick to your hand — it’s ready!

Once it’s ready you can cut it as you like.

It’s tasty! It’s healthy! It’s absolutly delicious!

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