Gluten. Friend or foe?

I was so in love with sweet dough. Oh, those brioches, crescent rolls, challahs and croissants…

But as I said before, beeing a mother, is a hard thing. Now I’m mastering gluten free and even lactose free baking. This is it. And last but not least — here, in USA, it’s preferably to eat organic products. Otherwise,while eating an apple, you can probably be eating something or even someone else. Like, strawberry with salmon gene. Well, why not? Dessert and main course — all in one dish.

I’m joking, of course. It’s not so dramatic.

What’s bad about gluten?

That was my question. At first I was kind of sceptic. It looked like nothing but another trendy movement.

So I started my reaserch. It ended with a quite simple formula: gluten = bad. But first things first. Let’s stick to the facts.

First of all, what is gluten? It’s protein composite found in certain grains.

Normally it can be found in most of baked goods (bread, pastry, pasta). But recently, it appeared, that gluten is added to 50% of products on the market. Like, buy xenical online yogurt, cheese, ice cream and many others. It’s added to provide creamy texture.

The trick is, that gluten is quite hard to digest. Human stomach wasn’t designed for it.

Long long time ago, when our diet didn’t include any of agricultural products, no one heard about gluten. We mostly ate berries, mushrooms and meat. And that period wasn’t that short actually. So, our stomach, practically was developed to consume meat and different kind of unprocessed veggies and fruits. 

For your reference: wheat flour is very processed product


What do we have in the end? Everyday we eat more than 50% of food that is highly heavy for our body.

What do you get if quit eating gluten?

Here are 3 reasons, that convinsed me totally.

#1. No more sleepiness after meal

#2. No drum belly

#3. You’ll never feel bloated

Of caurse if you feel just fine after 5 croissants or 2 plates of pasta and you look stunning and sexy (while naked), don’t sweat it!

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