Gluten free zucchini pancakes

Gluten free zucchini pancakes.

Moms keep on asking me to send them certain recipes, so I decided to post some of our basics. Which we are having very often.
Today I’ve promised to post a recipe of my favorite zucchini pancakes.

This recipe is quick (as always).
And healthy (as always).
And surprisingly tasty!


– 2 zucchini (1 pound)
– 2 eggs
– 1/2 cup rise flour (or sorghum, or buckwheat, but rice is the best)
– pinch of salt (I use pink salt)
-coconut oil


Step #1. 
Grate zucchini

Step #2.
Mix zucchini, eggs, salt and flour in a bowl.

Step #3.
Heat the frying pan (I use the cast iron one).

Gluten free zucchini pancakes

Step #4.
Pour coconut oil and fry the pancakes.

Voila! :) 

Quick tip. This recipe is evenly good with carrots and potato. If you are doing carrots, just make sure you grate it very finely.

Gluten free zucchini pancakes


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