Food made to bring joy

How much time you spend with your entire family? 

Not that much, right?

Usually it’s meal time. Breakfast or supper.

And as a rule we are really pressed for time. We don’t enjoy the moment. Everybody is penetrated in his own problems and thoughts.


Our family decided to change it. 

Making our breakfast time more precious and valuable.

Did you know that meal time actually has a very unifying effect? A meal is an action that is natural for our bodies. Babies are attached to their mothers by an umbilical cord through which they receive sustenance. Later the latch on and still stay connected. So at the back of our minds meal is still associated with the act of connection. When adults sit at the table and eat together, it is a sign of mutual trust and connection among them.


First of all we set certain time.

Second of all we try to bring up an interesting topic to talk. And I don’t mean problems.

Third component – is nice music.

And the last component but still very important is – food. Healthy, light, quick and beautiful.

My hubby is in charge of informational content, I’m in charge of food preparation.

It’s, actually, very nice to make this kind of meals with whole your family at least once a week.



And a little easy recipe as a bonus.

Baked omelet with tofu and almond milk.

You will need:

– 4 eggs

– 4 tb. spoons of almond milk

– 4 slices of tofu

– 4 pieces of broccoli curd

– middle muffins baking dish and 4 paper cups

Step #1. 

Place cups into baking dish.

Step #2.

Put broccoli and tofu in the dish.

Step #3.

Combine eggs and almond milk. Add salt if needed. Pour mixture on top of broccoli and tofu.

Step #4.

Bake 15 min on 350F.

Food is made to bring joy and unity)

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