Finger licking roasted root veggies recipe

Finger licking roasted root veggies recipe

Is there a recipe of root veggies, that is both yummy and healthy? And goes along with my diet plan?

Mashed potatoes? Wait! No! This can only be good for my cheat day. But definitely yummy. Especially if you add some homemade fresh butter… mmmm…

Oh! Come on!

Is there any other recipe, that I can eat without feeling guilty or calculating the squats I’m going to do in the gym the next morning?

Yes, there is!

But before you get too excited and start digging out those sad parsnips you bought from your local shop. There is a catch!

Veggies really have to be FRESH! And I mean it! Put away those dull and withered carrots.

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Where to get fresh goodies?

We just buy them local. Farm fresh, bought to your home. Isn’t it just lovely? We have already mentioned OurHarvest delivery service here.

This is just a basic recipe. Feel free to add more root veggies of your choice. Top it with some other spices or substitute sunflower seeds oil with coconut oil or almond oil or any other oil of your choice.

Tip: use cast iron baking dish!


  • sweet potato
  • parsnips
  • celery root
  • carrot
  • sunflower seeds oil
  • salt & pepper
  • rosemary

Follow these easy steps, showed on the video.

Stay tuned for more super easy recipes and tips.

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