Cooking With Kids: Mini Pies!

I love baking! Actually, I love eating and mainly bake so I can eat sweet treats! My son has inherited my sweet tooth and loves to bake with me. With a quick Pinterest search, I have found many different kid-friendly recipes. With a little adaptation, I have created a recipe that can be completely done by children as young as four, all by themselves! (Well, except for the cutting and oven part!) Feel free to adjust recipe as it fits your needs.

Mini Pies

Apple and Blueberry

(recipe makes six blueberry pies and six apple pies)






          Pilbury Pie Crusts


          Muffin/Cupcake Tins

          Circular cookie cutter (Or substitue! I actually use a lid from a large mason jar!)

           Wine (for adult use only, you’ll see)

Wash blueberries. Peel and dice one apple into small pieces. Place blueberries in one bowl, apples in another. Preheat oven to 400. Give children ingredients, read them the rest of the directions. Then let them complete, while you sit back and sip some wine!

Add sugar to blueberries. Depending on how much you are deciding to use, one 6oz. container of blueberries will fill about six mini pies. The amount of sugar used should lightly coat all blueberries.

Add cinnamon and sugar combo to apple. Mix until apples are lightly coated.

Have child use your cookie cutter, or large mason jar lid to cut mini crusts from Pillsbury Pie Crusts. One package will make twelve (or more) mini pies.

Place small crusts into cupcake tins. No paper needed. If not using non stick tray, spray with cooking spray first.

Use spoon to scoop mixtures into mini crusts. If your kids are feeling extra risky, you can mix blueberries and apples. Haven’t tried it, and to be honest, not sure how tasty it would be, but you’re more than welcome to try!

Now, parents, put wine down, place trays in oven, bake for 12 minutes. After baking, let cool. And ENJOY!

Mini Pies

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