7 health benefits of raspberry leaf tea

The popularity of herbal teas have increased over the past few years as people have increasingly become more conscious of their diet and about their health in general. Many of these teas are non-caffeinated and have great health benefits attached to them. Pale green in colour, raspberry leaf tea is a shrub that was used in ancient remedies due to its high content vitamins, tannins and minerals. While according to ancient lore, raspberry leaf tea is one tea that is recommended for women who wish to conceive as well as pregnant women. It offers several benefits, which are listed below:

  1. Boosts your immune system

The raspberry leaf tea is high in vitamins and valuable minerals. Plus it has a sufficient amount of tannins as well, making it a perfect choice for daily consumption. Drinking raspberry leaf tea strengthens your immunity and is also said to promote healthy bile production, sweating and even urination that represent a healthy immune system.

  1. An excellent remedy for improving digestion

The raspberry leaf tea is excellent for those people who have constant digestive issues. Consuming raspberry leaf tea on a regular basis will not just gradually cure various ailments in the stomach but will also relieve diarrhoea and heal stomach infections or ulcers.

  1. Makes the skin glow

Known to work wonders for the skin, raspberry leaf tea not only improves and cleanses the skin as the tea is known to have astringent qualities but it also tightens the skin further improving the firmness of the tissue and relieving any irritation.

  1. Regulates periods

A common herbal remedy, raspberry leaf tea is beneficial for normalising the hormonal cycle in women. Raspberry leaf tea can reduce heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle. Women with iron deficiency are often recommended to consume raspberry leaf tea as it has a high amount of iron, which can improve blood production and prevents anaemia.

  1. Improves respiratory issues

People suffering from respiratory issues such as flu or flu-like symptoms can benefit from a regular consumption of raspberry leaf tea. If you add honey to your raspberry leaf tea, it can also be used as a cough medicine for relieving sore throat and even be used for gargling. Having high tannin content makes raspberry leaf tea perfect as a mouthwash that can soothe away irritations in the mouth/throat area.

  1. Enhances fertility

This is an excellent herbal tea for women who wish to conceive. A regular consumption of raspberry leaf tea helps in improving uterine health. The raspberry leaf tea consists of an alkaloid, Fragrine that helps in strengthening the uterus and the overall pelvic area. It is often recommended to drink raspberry leaf tea before and after pregnancy in order to prevent morning sickness, encourage lactation and the overall healthy development of the foetus. Emma’s D

  1. The raspberry leaf tea has added benefits for men as well.

Men who have a regular intake of raspberry leaf tea will also notice its benefits. A useful reproductive tonic that can improve testosterone levels in men. Making raspberry leaf tea a part of their daily diet will detoxify their bodies from artificial estrogens that men consume through commercial foods. This will further prevent health issues such as andropause, which is a male version of menopause in men.

Although raspberry leaf tea is herbal and is usually safe to use, it is always recommended that you should consult a health practitioner before making it a part of your daily diet.


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