6 best kitchen life-hacks

6 best kitchen life-hacks

As might have noticed our family is pretty much very organic.

So, our food budget is kind of too high sometimes.
So I always have to find ways to save, preserve and so on.
Today I’m going to share some tips that are going to help you save your organic food) or just are very handy.

Life-hack #1.

Put some vegetable oil (I use coconut) on eggs. It will help to keep them fresh 3 weeks longer!
Why? Because, they wash eggs before putting them into the box, to make them look decent. And that’s why it’s natural upper preserving coat is off.
6 best kitchen life-hacks

Life-hack #2.

Peel ginger with tea spoon.
Why not knife? Because you it’s easier in the first place. And you’ll save more ginger)
6 best kitchen life-hacks

Life-hack #3.

Wash fresh berries in weak solution of Apple cider vinegar.
Why? Because it will prevent appearing of mold.
6 best kitchen life-hacks

Life-hack #4.

Keep avocado in one container with piece of onion. Or spray a few drops of apple cider vinegar.
Why? Because it will prevent avocado from turning black.
6 best kitchen life-hacks

Life-hack #5.

Keep apples with potatoes in same place.
Why? Because ethylene from apples, will prevent potato from sprouting.
6 best kitchen life-hacks

Life-hack #6.

Never through out yellow herbs. Chaff it, put into ice mold and cover with melted butter or oil.
Why? These ice cubes are extremely easy to use when cooking pasta/meat/anything )
6 best kitchen life-hacks
I’ve got more of these nice lifehacks :)
Will keep you updated)

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