5 worst ideas for breakfast

5 minute healthy ideas for breakfast – aren’t something new actually. We’ve heard that so many times before.

Ok, we got it.

Here are 5 worth things you can feed your family for breakfast.

1. Bagels and cream cheese

Odd, right? We are used to these so much. Extremely heavy pastry topped with high calorie and fatty cream cheese – bad idea.

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2. Sweet cereal

Especially the fruity kind. High fructose corn syrup and Karmine? Yummy! You’ll probably have a hypoglycaemia by 10:30 am.

3. Donuts

Sugar, sugar, sugar… and some fat. Do I have to mention those lovely artificial flavour selection? And all other artificial additives that are so generously added to donuts?

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4. Breakfast sausages

Yum. Processed meat. Fried fat processed meat? And some bread on a side. Of course. Amazing. To knock your poor stomach off. What’s for lunch? McDonald’s?

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5. Store-Bought Granola

Shocked, huh? How did this healthy thing made it’s way to this terrible list?

On average most store bought granolas contain up to 10 grams of fat and 400 calories per serving, which outweighs a huge glazed donut (the worst sinful kind). Unless you read the labels carefully to spot hidden sugars and buy the organic natural kind, you are basically having dessert for breakfast.

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