5 Ways To Get Rid Of Baby Weight

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Baby Weight

Now it is possible for you also to get back to your original size after giving birth.

But do note that reaching your pre-pregnancy weight might take nearly a year.

So do not rush into dropping those extra pounds, especially as you are caring for a baby and also getting adjusted to your new schedule. There is no need to be hard on yourself. Rather, focus on your healthy lifestyle instead.

Just go through these five steps to help you find your waistline again without having to sacrifice time with your baby or your me time. 

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Move It

You need to start exercising now. This can mean short 10- to 20-minute relaxed strolls. The formal workouts can be done six weeks after delivery. Some type of exercise also helps to lower risk for postpartum depression and obesity. 

Yes, it might be challenging. Especially if you choose jogging. But, don’t be desperate and don’t try to find an excuse. You just need the best jogging stroller there is. And move it!



Eat Smart

You may be still eating for two. You do need energy to nurse and care for your baby and yourself. Also, a breastfeeding mom’s eating preferences can affect her baby’s food preferences too. Hence you must eat healthy food. Avoid candy bars, cookies, refined carbs and any kind of sugary foods. Eat smart! Foods packed with nutrients such as whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats and fiber!




You would be probably stressed and your body will be reacting by releasing the stress hormones into your bloodstream. These hormones can build up and lead to fatigue, listlessness as well as weight gain. Look for stress-busters and you will feel better emotionally and even shed some pounds. This can include reading a book, doing yoga or meditation. Even checking e-mails can be a stress buster. You can get a feeling of relaxation even by having a cup of coffee or tea in a peaceful corner of your house. Find your special stress buster and stick to it. 



Sleep When You Can

I know it’s hard to nap when the sun is up. And when you need to catch up on your house chores. But trust me, make your sleep a priority. Let others do the house work and you sleep when your baby is sleeping. This extra sleep will help your body to wash out the stress hormones. Missed sleep can lead to inducing insulin resistance. This is a condition that leads to affecting your metabolism as well as the ability to burn calories.




A spa visit will help. In case you do not have time for it, ask your partner to give you a massage. A deep-tissue massage will lead to significant decreases in the levels of stress hormone cortisol and lead to an increases in the feel-good hormone known as oxytocin.



Go Out

Go with your baby to the great outdoors. This helps to increase happiness and decreases the level of stress hormones. Spending time outdoors leads to improved mood, self-esteem as well as well-being. You will also meet other mothers and your child will be happy spending time with other kids!



As you can see, there are easy and happy ways available for you to lose baby weight.

Just do not be in a rush. Let nature take its own course.

This way you lose pounds in a healthy way and get stronger results!

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