5 things to know before naming your baby

Before I even was pregnant, I’ve already had names for all of my future kids. Carefully selected.


I had a list.

Should I mention, that I haven’t used it?

I haven’t even considered it. Really.

Naming a child is a huge responsibility. The name will affect your baby’s personality and play a defining role in his (or hers) life.

And my name is boyish. So boyish, that one of my early childhood friends thought that I was a boy till I turned 11. I know what it means to suffer from a name.

That’s why I was trying to prepare with all liability, that I have in my nature. But it turned out, that naming someone is not that hard. If you know just a few tips from experienced parents.

Thus, I questioned professionals – all of my friends, who became parents prior to me :)

Your family will love the name. Eventually.

Seriously. We named our son Avrom. For the first 6 month my dad couldn’t pronounce it correctly.

Then he just switched to Avi. And now we’re good.

So, if you fell like your family rejects your precious name, just wait until they see the baby. Usually, when they see real precious cutie, whatever the name is, they suddenly start to adore it!

Make the final decision after your LO is born.

You might be sure, that you’ve found the perfect name. And go on talking with your baby, naming him Delilah, but Delilah can still turn out to be Mark. Well, it’s highly unlikely, considering today’s medical industry. But you got the point, right?

The name can simply not suit your baby’s personality and character.

Consider the nickname.

As a parent-to-be you might think that you will always call your baby by full name.

Yeah, right.

I can picture that. Especially, when you need to do something that is absolutely urgent. Like prevent your baby from eating sand.

– Constantine! Stop eating sand!


– Evangeline, come to mommy!

You’ll use the short variant. For example my hubby’s name really is Constantine. We call him Costa.

So keep it in mind. Most likely you’ll never actually use the full name.

Say the name out loud. A lot.

Try to use the name. Like you refer to somebody.

Or even better, find a person who has the same name.

A quick tip. Try not to make a conclusion about that person’s character or accomplishments. This person has nothing to do with your baby.

Play the “I pushed him out” card

So you made up your mind with the name, but your better other half goes for his grandfather’s name. that’s fine. Just make sure your husband will be present on the whole process of childbirth.

And after that for at least a day or two you’ll have a final call.

Actually, for that day you can ask for anything. It’s like a dreams come true. Use that time wisely.  


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