5 things you should never say about your mom’s cooking!

5 things you should never say about your mom’s cooking!

  1. “It’s cold.” Oh burn! It’s probably cold because you were too slow to come and eat, so don’t blame it on mom!

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  1. “Again?” You better have a place to sleep tonight and some money to eat out! Never complain about eating the same meal again. You should be thankful she took the time to cook you something so you don’t go hungry!

  1. “Can you pass the salt?” Oh no he didn’t! Unless your mom served you popcorn, there is no asking for salt allowed. Mom seasoned the food to taste already. If you’re asking for salt, you better get your buy xanax pills online blood pressure checked! Savor the flavor of the food.

  1. “Is it done yet?” Boy, who taught you your manners? Definitely not your mother. Have some patience and wait for your food to be prepared properly. You won’t die. You might lose a little weight in fact. Join the slow food movement and savor your food. Give mom a break!

  1. “No thanks. I’m full” There are no diets when it come to mom’s food. She isn’t going to cook for you forever. Go ahead and enjoy a second helping. It will delight her that you love her cooking and appreciate her efforts. You can always skip breakfast 😛
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