5 reasons to never eat fast food again

As all the facts that we already know about fast food are not enough to stop consuming it once and for all. We personally think that they add some kind of drug there. But since it have never been proved (yet), we’ll just have to believe, that it’s delicious.


5 reasons to never eat fast food again

1. It’s addictive

Yeah, like it’s a new discovery. We know it’s not. But as you become a parent – here comes a whole new perspective. these forbidden pleasures should never be shown to your kids! Simply because:

Mom! I don’t like your vegan baked parsnip root french fries! I want ShakeShack!!!

See my point here?

2. It’s never on a schedule

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See, we’re kind of obsessed with schedules in our family. Our son Avi is hyper active. I’d say he is MEGA HYPER active. But it’s incredibly manageable by simple and convenient schedule. When he knows what’s coming next, he transforms into a perfect child. Actually, most of the hyper active kids most likely will act totally normal if they have a constant schedule. But snacking at any fast food restaurant can never be on a schedule. And it’s too stimulating anyway.

3. It contains phthalate

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It’s not about greasy processed meat and reused frying oil anymore. This thing is actually dangerous. According to EHP data exposing to this hazardous chemical among US population is growing. According to CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics the average American kid under age of 19 gets 12% of his daily calories from fast food.

4. It kills the Dining Etiquette

Do you remember how you used to dream about a big family Sunday meal? Where everybody is well dressed, well behaved and happy? Don’t be sad next time your kid starts to eat with his hands, while throwing food around. You know where it all comes from.

5. It tastes dramatically bad

The food itself has no taste. It’s all about the MSG and other additives, that give you the impression of tasty.

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