4 ultimate and easy recipes of NUT milk

It so happened, that my beloved hubby is lactose intolerant. Even though he can consume some baked goods which contain milk or butter or cheese, he can’t have a simple cup of milk or lovely latte.

So I started to buy him nut milk! Soon enough I realized how unnatural and untasty every brand of nut milk is. Unfortunately, even organic brands can hardly be called yummy (no offense, guys).

It came up to my mind:

Why can’t I do my own nut milk? And I realized – I can!

Here are 4 ultimate recipes I mastered over time.

First of all you will need some simple equipment. Good blender. Vitamix would be perfect. A special nut milk bag to strain milk.

You can make one yourself. Like I did. I used gauze to sew my own natural straining bag.

So the procedure is pretty much the same in every recipe. You blend, you strain. Done.


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And as a bonus you got an awesome and absolutely natural nut flour. Yay! 

Macadamia nut milk.

1 cup of macadamia nuts

1 tablespoon agave syrup

16 oz of water

Almond milk.

1 cup peeled almods

2 dates

16 oz of water

Cashew milk.

1 cup raw cashews

2 tablespoons maple syrup

16 oz of water

Hazelnut milk.

1 cup hazelnuts

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons honey

16 oz of water


Store in glass bottles in the fridge.

P.S. Regarding nut flour. The pulp you get is an amazing nut flour. But you have to dry it first. Put the pulp on baking parchment and leave in the oven at 200 F until dry. The door has to be open crack.

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