4 Reasons To Stop Drinking Coffee

There are a number of reasons why medical professionals are recommending quitting coffee. And all this is based on years of research and study. We will look at 4 of the top reasons here. After reading these you can decide whether you wish to continue with your cup of coffee or not.

1. It Affects Your Liver

As you are well aware, coffee contains caffeine. This caffeine is not easy for the liver to digest. In addition, consuming coffee releases a number of enzymes in the body. Now these enzymes are produced in the liver and they are busy in breaking down the caffeine. Hence they are not able to do the various other functions which they are supposed to in the blood stream. Hence people who consume too much coffee are not able to remove other harmful and toxic substances from their body.



2. Impacting The Energy Levels

The adrenaline glands are responsible for producing adrenaline, which provide extra stimulus and energy to the body. In case you are making use of this added rush of energy boost to your body each time, it is fine. In case you are not, then the adrenaline glands will stop responding to this stimulus. Hence you will not be able to get this adrenaline even when you need it. Hence coffee can lead to making you susceptible to accidents, sleepiness, as well as other health problems.



3. Sleeping Problems

People who consume coffee are more likely to have a disturbed sleep or less sleep. Hence it is true that people have coffee in order to remain awake at night. Not resting properly at night can impact the functioning of the brain and body. Such people will be tired and irritable the next day. Such people will have health issues too as their body has not rested properly and hence not recuperated properly. This is why it is best to quit coffee in case you wish to sleep well



4. High Pesticides

Among all the other food items, coffee plant has the maximum number of pesticides in it. In fact the number of pesticides is so high that many workers are also suffering from its effects. This number is close to a thousand. Out of these, there are 20 chemicals that can cause cancer. Hence this is a good enough reason for quitting coffee right now.

Do note that this is not a comprehensive list. There are several other harmful effects of caffeine. It can cause obesity, reduce your metabolism, make you sluggish, reduce your immunity, make you feel thirsty and so on. Hence there are many more reasons why you need to quit having coffee.

Do note that having coffee is like an addiction. You cannot quit the habit overnight. Hence you need to wean away from it. This will take time. Start reducing your intake of coffee right now. This way, slowly you can reduce your intake completely and get over this habit altogether.


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