Probably, not the best mom in the world. 


I was made in USSR, born in Ukraine, raised in Sicily, and now I live in New York.
All these places live in my heart and affect my life constantly.
When I was 16, I wanted to change the world buy premarin online in canada but I wasn’t neither special nor super gifted or courageous enough to make it.
Thus, I decided It might result in writing.
Mom with son
That’s how I got my first degree – Bachelor of journalism and my first marriage (don’t ask).
By the age of 21 I entered National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture to become an art critic: became a divorcee and got Master in Psychology.
I must admit, that I’ve got a bit compulsive personality. Just a little bit *)
After that was a second marriage, work in fashion industry, another divorce and constant search of happiness.
Everything changed when I met Him . I never thought, that I want kids but after He burst into my life I became madly in love with my family.
Kogan family
This blog is about love, family and unity.