top 5 funny things babies are afraid of

top 5 funny things babies are afraid of

Babies are a real miracle. Cute tiny little humans. Everything that do qualifies as hilarious. But the most strange are their fears.

Blender. Our son is freaking out when I turn the blender on. I tried to show him, to explain him, or just turn it on only when Avi is at another room. Result is the same – he is horrified.
Squeezing lemon.
Every time my friends 15 month old daughter sees a lemon, she runs out of the room. When we tried to ask her, why is it happening. She told, she is afraid that lemon will get into her eyes. Well, actually, she said – «ouch eyes». And it’s not that it ever happened to her.
Boiling kettle. You know those kettles that whistle? Well, my friends 5 years old son is super afraid of it. They bought the electric one. But when she comes to my house for tea…
Gum bubbles. This one is very funny. Ma cousins son was afraid of gum bubbles till 4 y.o.
Saggy toy ballons. Still can’t get this one. My friend’s can you buy topamax over the counter sister used to be scared of it for long time.Now when she is old enough, I asked her why. She said she just feels uncomfortable being near to saggy gallons))

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