Nothing off limits here! No really

I was surfing the net and searching for some hot new stuff for you my dear readers. When I stumbled upon Nothing Off Limits podcast.

You know there are things, that we don’t usually speak about with our teenage kids?


Whether we are simply embarrassed or we don’t want to acknowledge that our pretty little babies are not really babies anymore. But anyways, some things are supposed to be talked through and explained. If you don’t feel comfortable having this kind of conversations, you have to find someone who will. A specialist preferably.

Well, I think we just found one!

Michelle Ann Owens – the host and ideologist of NOL podcast says:

…the mission of NOL is really to give listeners awareness…to open their eyes to big ideas in an entertaining talk format.

You got it Michelle! We are all yours. As long as you’ll keep our not so small kids aware and alert. After all, the only way to every teenager’s mind, is to be honest and a little bit funny.

And it it truly is awesome. It’s definitely something different. Very honest, extremely open. Yet very decent, thorough and very informative. Like a research.

But above all:

It’s the cool things your momma never taught you!

But probably should have. ?

So jump in. You, actually might learn something too.

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