5 steps to deal with parenting criticism

Here are 5 working steps to deal with parenting criticism

You’ve already faced some judgement, didn’t you? If you are a parents, that’s just a matter of time.
I’m obviously not a mother of the year. And even if I was, there is always a situation when you totally suck as a parent.
Like when you let your child take his clothes off, when it’s still cold. just because that’s the only way you can let him understand what cold is! Our son still hates buy allegra in uk getting dressed, even though I always give him an opportunity to feel cold. He’d sit calm totally freezing. Then he allows me to dress him, but it starts all overs every day.

Or when your child is crying madly in the stroller, while you are heading home. It was January, we were having a walk on the boardwalk. Avi was furious. He got tired of staying in one position, he wanted to crawl. He was lying in the bunting bag, so he wasn’t dressed well enough to take him out of the bag. Thus, I just let him cry, while we were walking home. And here she came, the judging woman.

Here is the thing, I bet you’d love to know the secret weapon against this judgmental people. 

I’ve developed a thick skin for this kind of people, because I’m blogging. And when you are blogging, you are taking your life to public.

We all have our strong and passionate opinion on upbringing kids. Normally we just wear our best smile and try to open our minds to any other ideas. But sometimes, there are situations… well, you know.

Here is how to avoid these situations.

Critical or curious?

First of all despite the fact that people really love to criticize, you can also mistaken curiosity and criticism. So, ask yourself, may be you are the one, who is acting weird.

I can be pretty overdefensive, when it comes to my family. When somebody starts to ask a lot of questions, sometimes I feel like I need to step back, relax and listen. People really can be interested in your way of parenting! Why don’t you give them a chance.


It’s not very nice to constantly defend yourself or your decisions. So it’s ok to set limits on the time you spend together (cause, lets face the truth, you can’t set limits to particular topics).

Make a conscious disagreement.

There are absolutely special cases, when you a are facing aggressive criticism from one of your closest friends or even family. And you just can’t figure it out. So, it’s ok to acknowledge that there is a topic where you can’t reach agreement. And just let it go.

Change subject.

Whenever you get another portion of criticism, take a deep breath and change subject! Just say something absolutely off-topic. Ask about the weather, about new movie or make a compliment. Compliment works amazingly good.


Well, if none of this works, there is only one thing left to try. Just let them talk.





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