4 tips to make your child happy!

4 easy tips to make your child happy!

#1. Make sure you understand what your child is saying.

I’ve got a friend Jenya, who is an amazing mother of 3 kids. Her older daughter Zoe never lies. I mean it! I know that this sounds like she’s a superchild, but indeed it has nothing to do with her. It’s all about her mother’s attitude. Let’s picture the situation. Imagine your child telling you something that sounds like a lie. How would you react? Most likely, you would consider that your child is lying and simply ask him/her to tell you “the truth”. What would Jenya do? It’s amazingly simple! I’ll give you a quote: “you just misunderstood the situation. Let me explain.”. Basically kids don’t lie. They buy modafinil online just take things on their level of perception.

#2. Acknowledge when you are wrong.

By this you show your child, that making mistakes doesn’t necessarily mean letting someone down.

#3. Give your child a little control.

This works even with babies. When my son started crawling I noticed that he would prefer to go to all “restricted” places. And the more I prohibit the more he wants. So I decided to see what if I give him a little control. I chose safest restricted place and buy modafinil asia just let him crawl there. He was so exited when he got there without any obstacles, but pretty soon he lost his interest.


#4. Don’t try to trick kids.

Why? Well, because you are setting an example. And they actually see things clearly.

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