Every mom’s summer essentials kit

This summer seems to be hotter than ever. At least this is how I feel it.

We composed a special essentials post to make your summer days a little bit more fabulous!

Well, a little a lot  ?

1. Hand & nail balm from SebaMed

Did you know how dramatically our hands and nails suffer from the heat? Our hands are more frequently exposed to the sun than any other part of the body. Plus all those countless antimicrobial products we use, that destroy the PH balance of our skin.

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2. Crane Travel Humidifier

Yeah, the level of humidity in NYC is crazy high. But once the summer heat is on, we hide in our air conditioned homes and cars. Unfortunately air conditioners make air way too dry!

This little guy works as well as his older brothers. 

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3. Runa teas

Grab this refreshing natural tea instead of your morning coffee! Organic, non GMO, natural and it has caffeine.

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How should I put it. Well. Silk is a kind of product your gynaecologist should have recommended you, if he weren’t expensive and irritating brands and products.

SYLK is water-based lubricant. All natural, made from kiwi fruit extract and formulated to be gentle and caring.

Beat the dryness and keep the heat ?

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Main photo credit Neill Kumar

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