5 rules to bring romance back to your life!

It can be hard to have a romantic date with your hubby when all you are dealing with are diapers, bottles and laundry. Even if you have finally found a babysitter, made a reservation at your favorite restaurant, dig out that awesome red dress from your closet (which was ruined by your son the last minute)… But don’t worry! There are some tips that might sneak romance back to your life!

It’s funny how things work. Particularly romance. It’s very spontaneous and light thing at first sight. Though, on long term relationship, romance needs a lot of rules.

1. Leave your duties at home

Money for college, mortgage, bills, broken AC and leaky plumbing are not the best topics for your night out. Once in a while have a one on one night. To strengthen your connection. And to reming yourself, that it’s not you against each other, but both of you together against the world ;)

2. Be patient and prepare to open your ears

Probably you haven’t had a chance to interact this long with each other without interruption in quite some time. And it might be a challenge to sit still and just listen. Without running around with kids, trying to feed someone or cooking dinner.

3. A place matters.

If you usually go with kids to a place nest block to get pizza or have a milk shake – that’s not a good pick. Place matters a lot. Go and try something new together. Some place just for two of you.

4. Put some effort

There is no need to rent a limo or a tux, but make sure you put some effort. There must be something different in the way you look or act this special evening. See what works best in your case.

5. Surprise

Romance is all about little things. There is nothing that works better than a surprise. Tiny little pleasant things that make you smile. A lunch bag with a cute note. Your first photo. A song that was playing when you first kissed. You can never go wrong with these kind of things. Never!


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